Lux Light Meter & Tools Photometer PRO Pro V 4.8.2 APK

Descriptions :

Free application with many professional tools to measure the amount of light (in lux), reaching the ambient light sensor. Ambient light sensors measure light in lux, a measure of illumination that depends on the amount of incoming light and the area over which it is spread. Easy and simple Measure the amount of light and share all the results. The core of the application's functions is available for free. Some of the modules (PRO) are available after a small purchase. Thanks to this support we can improve the application and create new functions. This is not mandatory, but you can support this project by purchasing the PRO version. Photometer PRO is a project with a bold vision: to provide free and open access to light measurements and knowledge to everyone around the world.

- Free and without ads
- Supports many languages
- High precision light measurement (as accurate as possible)
- Export all measurements (lx, fx, W / m2) to a CSV file and work with the data like a pro.
- Lux and Foot-Candles Units
- Measures and records the minimum, medium and maximum possible brightness
- Information and complete calibration of the light sensor
- Greenhouse module with PPFD calculations
- PPFD calculator
- Tool for photographers
- Photovoltaic module - Read the brightness of the sky, walls or shiny objects
- Share and export measurements
- Helps to select bulbs to install at home and install new lighting
- Helps to illuminate schools, workshops, reading and plants.
- Helps to relight the office and kitchen
- Lux to lumen and lumen to lux calculator

Required Android Versions : Nougat [7.0 – 7.1.1] - Oreo [8.0-8.1]

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