Aerofly FS 2021 V 20.21.19 APK

Aerofly FS 2021 V 20.21.19 APK

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Descriptions :

Aerofly FS 2021 is the name of an exciting simulation game suitable for those who love airplanes or dream of becoming a pilot. It is called airplane flight simulator game. Listening alone is enough to find you attractive and motivated to experiment, right? The Aerofly FS 2021 is the latest version of the Aerofly FS series, designed for smart mobile phones. This is a game from the simulation games category, developed by IPACS. With Android OS higher than 2.3 and iOS OS 13.6 or higher, you can experience this latest version with brand new and attractive enhancements. Follow me to discover the features of this game in this article!

Features :

- More than 200 airports throughout California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado
- Show traffic information and flight traces
- Assisted flight copilot
- Highly detailed, animated and interactive 3D cockpits
- Cabin illuminated at night
- Automatic navigation tuning (ILS, NDB and VOR)
- Realistic flight physics
- Sophisticated autopilot
- Interactive flight school to learn the basics of flight.
- High resolution aerial images of the San Francisco Bay Area
- Over 300,000 square miles of flying area
- Shows terrain features such as mountains, lakes and cities for easy navigation
- Adjustable time of day
- Configurable clouds
- Adjustable wind, thermals and turbulence
- Repetition system
- Different view modes

Required Android Versions : Oreo [8.0-8.1]


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