Disney Mirrorverse V 0.10.4 APK

Disney Mirrorverse V 0.10.4 APK

Games , Role Playing

Developer :
Kabam Games, Inc.

Descriptions :

Disney Mirrorverse - RPG with the characters from the films and cartoons Studio "Disney" and "Pixar" with exciting battles against the forces of evil. Using the abilities of the Disney characters gathered in the squad, the player will be able to repel the forces of darkness. Among the available characters there are characters like Captain Jack Sparrow, Sully from "monsters, Inc.", Maleficent, Mulan, etc. All members of the defending squad have upgraded weapons, armor, and unique characteristics that will help them win and prevent the transformation of the universe into resident evil.

Features :

- Experience a new story that authentically reflects iconic Disney and Pixar characters in ways you've never seen before.
- In this action RPG, enter new worlds rich in detail filled with 3D rendered Disney and Pixar characters that have powerfully evolved to suit this high-stakes universe.
- Assemble teams of three and take control of every second of the game, including individual actions, team strategy, and special attacks from the Mirrorverse Guardians.
- Unlock unique narratives and fight fractured enemies to earn rewards and restore Mirrorverse worlds and characters that have been corrupted by dark magic.
- Experience an immersive new Disney story of tasks and missions to complete, all based on the story of the Disney Mirrorverse and the Ages of Isolation, Discovery, and the Fractured.
- Complete limited-time missions that tie into real-world Disney and Pixar content and events, and offer players unique characters, prizes, and progression items for a specified period of time.
- Form a team to support each other and compete in missions, earn powerful rewards, make stronger friends, and exchange items and abilities.
- Experience new chapters of the Mirrorverse story and event missions through ever-evolving and expanding stories, with regular releases of new Disney and Pixar characters.

Required Android Versions : Nougat [7.0 – 7.1.1] - Oreo [8.0-8.1]


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