Rusted Warfare RTS Strategy 1.13.2 MOD APK

Rusted Warfare RTS Strategy 1.13.2 MOD APK

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Developer :
Corroding games

Description: Rusted Warfare - RTS Strategy - will be a real outlet for "old" players who missed old-school strategies in real time. Several modes, many maps, a wide range of units, as well as the possibility of battles in multiplayer, waiting for generals. Also for those who love creativity there is an editor that allows you to create your own unique script. Immerse yourself in the world when the games were small and the computers were great.

• A pure RTS without microtransactions and without DRM
• Online and offline multiplayer via Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
• Campaign missions, skirmish, survival and challenge, with complete AI
• More than 40 unique units of land, air and sea for a balanced game
• Experimental units and nuclear missiles for the final big battles.

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