Shark World v 10.39 МOD APK

Description: Shark World is a role-playing project with match battles. The players will become rulers of the deep sea and can direct the actions of several submarine inhabitants with predatory inclinations. Including those species that have already officially disappeared and those that have not yet been found. You can also create new types, pump all the skills, as well as develop your own shelter. This will give players additional opportunities and help take power in all territories.


- Free to play!
- Underwater environment.
- Park simulation game.
- A wide range of exciting sharks.
- A great variety of exciting sea sharks to reproduce.
- Fight on the underwater battlefield.
- Create your own shark team and take them to battle!
- Several battle stages where your sharks can compete for prizes.
- The whole island is open for you!
- Turn your shark into an epic form and explore an exciting and fun world!
- Custom elemental habitats for each type of shark.
- The decoration area is full of elegant and attractive decorations.

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