TerraGenesis Space Settlers V 6.02 MOD APK

TerraGenesis Space Settlers V 6.02 MOD APK

Games , Simulation

Developer :
Tilting Point

Descriptions :

TerraGenesis - Space Settlers you can explore the universe directly on your phone without spending anything. Launched by Tilting Point, famous manufacturer for many great games like Star Trek Timelines… If you are a lover of space exploration, what are you waiting for without immediately downloading TerraGenesis to be able to immerse yourself in the infinite beauty of the stars? The infinite universe is now our playground.

Features :

- Melt the polar ice caps to create oceans across the planet and seed the planet with life.
- Follow the idle progress of your civilization and the current state of your world with the statistics summary page
- Learn astronomy and colonize planets in our solar system, including Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars!
- Build civilizations on fictional planets including Bacchus, Ragnarok, Pontus, Lethe, and Boreas.
- Terraform dwarf planets, including Ceres, Pluto, Charon, Makemake, Eris, and Sedna
- Generate random worlds with complete surface and elevation maps, unique starting conditions, and more
- Manage your life forms as they thrive in terrestrial and aquatic biospheres
- Discover distant planets in outer space with thriving alien civilizations.
- Choose between making amends or conquering alien life forms.
- Carry out dozens of missions and build your new world based on your alien strategy.
- Save your civilization and protect your flourishing planet from the threat of an asteroid attack
- Insanity now comes with an on / off switch; Flip a switch to turn existing worlds flat.
- Build a flat earth or build other flat planets from our solar system or across the universe!
- Fun random events exclusive to Flat Earth mode!

Required Android Versions : Marshmallow [6.0 - 6.0.1] - Nougat [7.0 – 7.1.1] - Oreo [8.0-8.1]


Unlimited Money

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