Spelling Right PRO V 4 APK Paid

Spelling Right PRO V 4 APK Paid

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LittleBigPlay - Word, Educational & Puzzle Games

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Spelling Right is a challenging new educational spelling game that will test your English spelling skills in an entertaining way. With Spelling Right, you will never fail again in your English lesson. It is not necessary to read the instructions. Simply choose if the word shown on the screen is spelled correctly or not! Beware, there is a time limit for each word and you have 3 lives available in each level. To advance to the next level, you must complete 8 words in each round. The difficulty increases as you go! Get the best possible score and send it to see who is the best spelling.

# 2 game modes # Test and practice
# Educational and challenging English spelling game for all ages.
# Thousands of misspelled English words included
# Interactive way that will improve your spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills in English
# Progress saved after each level so you can continue playing later
# Send and share your points # challenge people from around the world

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